A specific community’s women should wear hijab at home, as that is where they are unsafe ! : Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, BJP

The current pre-meditated Hijab issue highlights the extent to which religious fanatics can go to divide society.

Bhopal (MP) – “There is no need to wear Hijab in India. You should wear Hijab in your home. Wear Hijab in a family in which marriages take place with the cousin sisters. In a particular community, even daughters and sisters are not spared from perverse treatment in their own homes. Women are not respected there. These women can be the soft targets for their paternal uncles, maternal uncles, uncle’s sons, etc. Hence, wearing Hijab in such houses is necessary. Wear Hijab or Khijab (Khijab is used for hiding greying hair, while Hijab is meant to cover faces) in madarasas, how does it matter to us ? But if you disrupt the discipline in all schools and colleges across the country … then it will not be tolerated”, said BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya Thakur.

“Wherever there is ‘Hindu Samaj’, they are not required to wear Hijab, especially at places where they study. Women are worshipped in our Sanatan Dharma. A woman is considered a Goddess in Hindu Dharma. Therefore, Hindu women are safe. We do not need a Hijab. Hindus abide by Sanatan’s traditions. Hindu students wear saffron clothes in Gurukuls, but they wear uniforms in schools and colleges”, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur said.