Youth trying to enter the house of Ajit Doval arrested

‘A chip has been inserted in my body and I am being controlled by the remote’, claimed the youth

New Delhi – A man was trying to enter the National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval’s house; he attempted a forced entry in a car through the gate of Doval’s high-security residence, but the car was intercepted outside the entry gate and the man was nabbed by the Security Personnel. The man appeared to be mentally disturbed. He claimed that somebody had inserted a chip in his body and he was being controlled. The Police did not find any such chip while they searched his whole body. He is hailing from Bengaluru. He is being interrogated by the Delhi Police anti-terrorist squad and a special branch.

Last February, a terrorist of Jaish-e-Mohammed had confidentially inspected Doval’s house and its video also had been published. He had sent the video was sent to a Pakistani terrorist. Thereafter, Doval’s security was beefed up.

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