Danger of flooding in the coastal areas due to climate change : Study of scientists

Editorial comment

It won’t be a mistake to say that not only in India but in the whole world, the surfeit of science is the main reason behind climate change ! When will the progressives understand that science has now become a threat to the existence of the earth ?

New Delhi – The study of some scientists reveals that due to climate change, there will be unusual changes in the coastal areas, Bay of Bengal, the China sea and the southern Indian Ocean. The report of this study has been published in the magazine ‘Climate Dynamics’.

According to this report, the cities on the coastline are in danger because they already have the threat of floods. This can lead to the increase in the movement of the sea waves on land, which includes salty underground water, destruction of crops, and social and economic loss to people. The heavy winds can affect the cities on the coastline and the countries on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

From June to November, there will be heavy winds in the southern Indian Ocean. Many parts of the Bay of Bengal will face heavy winds.

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