Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) : Three Hindu Vahini members arrested for trying to hoist the Indian flag on Muhammad Ali Jinnah tower

If Muhammad Ali Jinnah tower’s name is not changed, we will destroy it ! – warning by BJP and Hindu Organisation

Editorial comment

Is the Guntur town that has Muhammad Ali Jinnah tower in Pakistan or India ? Even after 75 years of Independence if this name still exists, it is very disgraceful for the rulers !

Jinnah tower (left) Police arresting the activists (right)

Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) – On Republic Day, in the Kotha Peta area of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, 3 members of the Hindu Vahini organisation were arrested. They had disregarded the prohibition of assembly rule and attempted to hoist the Indian flag on Muhammad Ali Jinnah tower. Police were deployed to control the Hindu Vahini activists.

For some time, the BJP and Hindu organisation was asking to change the name of the tower. Both had warned that if the Government does not change the name of the tower, the tower will be demolished. Before this, BJP’s MLA, T Raj Sinha from Hyderabad had requested the change of name of this tower to A.P.J. Abdul Kalam tower.

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