Tamil Nadu’s anti-Hindu DMK Government to build a fish market next to Hindu temple using temple’s money !

Editorial comment

  • DMK Government’s campaign against Hindu Dharma ! The only solution to stop anti-Hindu activities in Tamil Nadu is to unite Hindus effectively !

Chennai –The HRCE Department of the ruling DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) Government of Tamil Nadu has approved a project to build a fish market in the city. This fish market will be built next to a temple for which loans will be taken from various temples.

After the Government announced the construction of a fish market in the State Assembly, the HRCE Department gave its administrative approval. Documents submitted by the HRCE Department in this regard have been circulated on social media. According to these documents, approval has been given to demolish the old fish market in Chennai and a new fish market has been planned next to the Adi Mottai Temple. This new fish market will cost Rs 1.5 crores and the money will be borrowed from Subrahmanyam Swami Mandir, Devi Karumari Amman Mandir, Kamakshi Amman and Vaikunda Perumal Temples.

Opposition from pro-Hindu organisations and BJP

Several pro-Hindu organisations and BJP have opposed the construction of a fish market next to the temple. ‘The sanctity of the temple will be contaminated due to this and the HRCE department has insulted the religious sentiments of Hindus by permitting the fish market next to the temple’, the pro-Hindu activists said. Given the anti-Hindu mentality of the DMK Government, devout Hindu activists have raised doubts as to whether the Government will repay the money borrowed from temples for this fish market.

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