Construction of bridge on the Pangong lake by China

Deployment of 60 thousand Chinese soldiers on the border

Deployment of Army from India as well

Editorial comment

China is preparing for the war against India. Now instead of waiting for China to attack India, India should prepare in a better way and attack China. India should follow the policy, ‘Attack is the best way of defence’ !

New Delhi – China is constructing a bridge on Pangong lake of Ladakh which is on the border of India and China and is under Chinese rule. It has been also known that building a road in front of the Daulat Beg Oldi area. China has deployed 60 thousand soldiers on this border.

1. It has been seen from satellite images that China is building a bridge on the Pangong lake. The Indian sources have informed that it has been built in the area under the control of China. They wish to make the transportation of soldiers and essential items easier by constructing this bridge. Ultimately, China will be able to send the Army in less time.

2. The sources have conveyed that looking at these movements of China, India has prepared itself to take any required action against China. India has deployed anti-terrorist forces on the border. India is also making provisions for the required facilities for the convenient transport of Army and vehicles to the border.