If a temple is built at the place of the mosque, slogans of ‘Allah hu Akbar’ will resonate

Threatens Nooruddin Farooqui, a leader of ‘Social Democratic Front of India’, a political front of PFI

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  • A party that has leaders who make such statements should be banned. Hindus expect the BJP Government in Karnataka to take immediate action on this.

Mysuru (Karnataka) – Nooruddin Farooqui, a leader of Social Democratic Front of India, a political front of the Jihadi organisation PFI, threatened, “I want to tell Bajrang Dal and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh – If you intend removing secularism and dare to build a temple at the place of the mosque in Srirangapatna, every soldier of Tipu Sultan is ready to gouge out your eyes. Whatever big temple you build, ‘Allah hu Akbar’ slogans will resonate there”. Commenting on this, Araga Jnanendra (Home Minister of Karnataka) said that Police had been ordered to investigate and take proper action.

Nooruddin Farooqui explained his statement that agitation was carried out against the attempts of Hindu groups to recite Hanuman Chalisa inside the mosque.

A senior member of SDPI said, “Farooqui has only stated that if RSS destroys Constitution, secularism, and mosque then their eyes would be gouged out. Earlier, Eshwarappa and Anant Kumar Hegde, MLA of BJP have also made such statements; in comparison, Farooqui’s statement is nothing.”