RSS leader Indresh Kumar : Congress-led UPA Govt spent Rs 400 crore to implicate me in cases of so-called saffron terror

New Delhi – Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar claimed that the erstwhile Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government applied all its might to implicate him in cases of so-called saffron terror; spent Rs 400 crore; the whole system was put to use but failed to involve me in the list of the accused. They could not include my name in the list of witnesses. They made a hue and cry over my association with it. Finally, people only drove out the UPA Government and supported BJP in large numbers, said the RSS leader Indresh Kumar.

While commenting on Jammu and Kashmir, Indresh Kumar said that if Pakistan says that it is incomplete without Jammu and Kashmir then we must say now that, India too is incomplete without ‘Lahore and Karachi’.