Cremate my dead body according to Hindu rites : Waseem Rizvi, former Chairman, Shia Waqf Board

Syed Waseem Rizvi, former Chairman of Shia Waqf Board

Lucknow (UP) – Syed Waseem Rizvi, former Chairman of Shia Waqf Board has stated in his testament that his body should be cremated according to Hindu rites after his death. He has expressed his wish that Mahant Narasimhananda Saraswati of the Dasna Temple should light his pyre.

Waseem Rizvi has released a video in which he said that a conspiracy is being hatched in the country and across the world to behead him. A reward is also announced to behead me. He said,  ‘the obvious reason is that I had filed a petition in the Supreme Court demanding to remove the 26 Ayats from Quran which spread hatred towards humanity. I have committed the crime of writing a book on Mohammed Paigambar. Muslims have demanded a ban on this book and they wish to kill me. They would not give me a place to bury my body in any of the cemeteries. Hence, I have sent my Will expressing this wish to the administration’.