China to give four most technically advanced frigates to Pakistan

Editorial comments 

  • Many countries have so far experienced that the quality of every product supplied by China is inferior. India’s neighbours viz. Nepal and Bangladesh too have experienced it; therefore, one need not wonder if Pakistan also experiences the same !
  • In the 1965 India-Pakistan war, Pakistan had Patton tanks received from the USA, but India destroyed them. Therefore, let any country give any armaments to Pakistan, the Indian Army will destroy them !

Beijing (China) – China will be supplying the four latest technically advanced ‘Type 054’ frigates to Pakistan. China will also supply three more warships to Pakistan in the next 3 years. China had earlier provided technical help to Pakistan for developing a war-plane of 4th grade ‘JF-17’ type. JF-17 is the main fighter plane of Pakistan’s Air Force.

‘Type 054’ is known as one of the most modern warships; weighing about 4,000 tonnes. The structure of this warship is such that it cannot be easily detected on radar. It has the capacity of firing missiles on land as well as in the air and it is also considered to be the best warship to combat submarines. There are more than 25 such types of warships with China’s navy.