An opportunity for students of IGNOU to study M.A. (Vedic)

Editorial comments

  • The commendable decision of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) ! Veda has a great significance in the glorious culture of India; therefore, every university in India should take a similar decision of teaching Veda.
  • In India, children are not taught Hindus’ Holy Scriptures since India is a secular country. As such, students are deprived of gaining valuable knowledge from Hindus’ Holy Scriptures. It is, therefore, time to change the Indian education system and it can be done only in Hindu Rashtra.

Delhi – IGNOU, Delhi has offered an opportunity to students to learn Veda for their M.A. examination i.e. M.A (Vedic). It will be an opportunity to study science, contemplations, etc from the Veda.

As per the information given by Dr Devesh Kumar Mishra, a senior professor from Sanskrut Department, who is also the Coordinator for introducing this course in IGNOU, Veda scholars from all over the country have been invited for devising the curriculum. A meeting of the committee, which will set the curriculum, was held on 4th and 5th October 2021. Professor Nageshwar Rao, the Vice-Chancellor of IGNOU said about the curriculum that the course would play an important role in spreading the importance and knowledge in Veda amongst people.