Kateelu and Polali temples enforce dress code for devotees while entering the temple

Karnataka Religious Council had given this advice

Editorial comment

  • Congratulations to Karnataka Religious Council. Devout Hindus feel that traditional dress should be made mandatory in each temple in the country.
  • We need not be surprised if an objection is raised on this decision by so-called secularists who never utter a word on the rules laid down by Church, Mosque about the attire while entering these premises.

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – Karnataka Religious Council, a Government body that advises the Government on rituals and traditions in temples. The Durgaparameshwari temple at Kateelu and the Rajarajeshwari temple at Polali have made traditional attire compulsory for devotees as per the directions from the Karnataka Religious Council.

A board requesting devotees to be in traditional Hindu attire has been installed at the Kateelu Durgaparameshwari temple. According to Karnataka Religious Council, the temple being a Holy place; devotion should be the priority. To create this awareness the decision has been taken.

To demand a ‘Dress code’ the VHP and the Bajrang Dal had organised a padayatra. Posters stating that men and women enter the temple in the traditional dress have been put up at various places in temple premises.

The Karnataka Religious Council’s dress code was greeted with mixed responses on social media. Many have supported this decision. Many tweeted in favour of the dress code, as temples had become ‘modelling spots’ in recent days. Conversely, some have responded in its opposition.

The Council is determined to apply the ‘Dress code’ for devotees in all 216 grade ‘A’ temples of the State without getting perturbed.