Discount on contraceptives by Online seller Nykaa on Navratri

40% discount on contraceptives

Demand through social media for taking action on Nykaa

Editorial comments

Most of the Hindus are indifferent towards their Dharma; therefore, they are uncaring even when their seats of worship and festivals are denigrated in such a manner. The Central Government and all State Governments should take action on their own to protect the religious sentiments of Hindus. In Hindu Rashtra, there will be law and its strict implementation; so nobody would dare to try any kind of denigration !

New Delhi – Nykaa, an online shopping company has declared a 40% discount on the sale of contraceptives on the occasion of Navratri. People are condemning it through social media.

A user has tweeted that he was going to delete the Nykaa app. Nykaa should give such discounts even on the festivals like Ramzan, Eid, Good Friday, Christmas, etc. Why are such discounts given only during Hindu festivals ?

Another user named Santosh has said in his ‘tweet’ that there should be a total boycott on Nykaa. Excessive freedom is more dangerous. Legal action should be taken against the company.

A user has said that Nykaa and other companies know that Hindus’ Deities can be desecrated on the occasion of Hindus’ festivals; because Hindus still buy products of such companies. (Such mentality is most disgraceful for Hindus ! Why should their Deities protect such Hindus during adverse times ? – Editor)