Mathura girl arrested for blackmailing 10th standard student for conversion and marriage

Editorial comments

  • Until now, religious fanatic youth used to deceive Hindu girls and convert them through ‘Love Jihad’. Now even religious fanatic girls are converting Hindu boys. This kind of thing happens due to a lack of religious pride among the Hindu youth !
  • Had Hindus been given education on Dharma and been made to perform Sadhana, they would not have fallen prey to any lure or deception due to the growth in their conscience, morality, etc.
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Mathura (UP) – A religious fanatic young woman living at Mangolpuri in Delhi befriended a 10th standard student. After that, she trapped the boy in love and took him to Gurugram, where he was drugged and made unconscious. She then made a pornographic video of the boy and blackmailed him for conversion and Nikah. Uttar Pradesh Police have arrested the girl and registered a case against her under the POCSO Act. Her colleagues are being investigated.

Superintendent of Police Shrish Chand said that a young woman living in the Mangolpuri area of ​​Delhi had earlier befriended a 10th standard student from a village in the Kosikalan area through social media. The girl, who claims to be a Hindu, is accused of making a pornographic video of the student with the help of her colleagues after the victim became unconscious. After regaining consciousness, the victim returned home without informing the accused. After the boy told his family the whole incident, they lodged a complaint with the Police. A complaint has been lodged in the Police Station on the orders of Senior Superintendent of Police Dr Gaurav Grover. The accused girl was called to Mathura to discuss Nikah. She was arrested on 2nd October.