Following China’s power outage, India is at similar risk

Coal stock plummet in country’s 72 Power Stations

New Delhi – Due to low Coal stocks, while China is experiencing electrical shortages, there are possibilities that India could experience the same. Experts have predicted these possibilities based on the numbers from the Union Ministry of Power and other devices. Out of 135 Thermal Power Stations, 72 stations have coal storages that will last for only 3 days.

135 Thermal Power Stations generate a total of 66.35% of electricity. If 72 Power stations shut down due to shortages of Coal, there will be a 33% electricity shortage.

India imports its coal from Australia. For many months, more than 20 lakh tons (more than 200 crore thermal coal) is stuck in the Chinese ports. Since coal is stuck in the Chinese ports, India could face electricity shortages.