People acclaiming Nathuram Godse should be openly condemned : Varun Gandhi, 

Editorial comments

  • The secularists and progressives immediately claim that there is freedom of expression in this country whenever anyone insults Hindus’ Deities or seats of worship; then nobody should feel bad if someone praises Nathuram Godse !
  • There are a large number of people in this country who feel that many decisions of Mohandas Gandhi and his appeasement of Muslims have caused huge loss to this country and consequently to Hindus. Varun Gandhi should realise that the views of even these people need to be taken into account in democratic India.

New Delhi – On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi on 2nd October, a trend was started on social media in the name of ‘Nathuram Godse’ which has been criticised by BJP MP Varun Gandhi. He has said that such irresponsible behaviour should be openly condemned.

Varun Gandhi said that India has always been a spiritual superpower. Gandhi reinforced the spiritual base of this country and gave us moral rights which are our biggest strength even today. (Not because of Gandhi, but due to our great Sages -Seers, and Saints, India has always been a spiritual Guru. Varun Gandhi needs to keep this in mind. – Editor)

We cannot forget the honour India received at the international level due to Gandhi and his ideals. All those who have acclaimed Godse should be publicly condemned by declaring their names. It is foolishness and it should not have any place in the mainstream.