Two religious fanatics were arrested for assaulting a Muslim woman bank employee in Bangalore

Objected to her returning home on a bike with a male colleague

Editorial comment

  • Why do those who call Hindus Taliban and intolerant remain silent about such incidents ?

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Police have arrested two religious fanatics in connection with the assaulting of a Muslim woman bank officer and her colleague. The 35-year-old female officer got late at work, so her colleague went to drop her home on a two-wheeler. This woman was wearing a burqa.

Two extremists on a two-wheeler stopped the bank officers on the way and objected to the female officer’s travelling with her male colleague. They also took her husband’s mobile number from her and informed him about it. The husband replied that he was aware of the incident and personally knew his wife’s male colleague. Yet the two fanatics beat the woman and her male colleague. They also sent the woman home in a rickshaw. The incident got recorded on CCTV which was later circulated on social media.