Madras HC directs State to detain Temple Land encroachers under Goondas Act

Editorial comments

  • Had such an order been given earlier, temple lands would have been safe today.
  • To grab Temple lands means theft in God’s Court. No sentiments for such an unforgivable sin is a sign of Hindus’ ultimate decline. Since Hindus do not have education on Dharma, they grab temple lands and the remaining Hindus have the attitude, ‘I have nothing to do with it.’ We can realise from this how much Hindus have to awakened !
  • Presently, we have the law governing temples; but in Hindu Rashtra, the law will be that the devotees only govern temples.
  • No comparison between religious fanatics grabbing others’ lands for their places of worship, and Hindus grabbing temple lands for their self-interests.

Chennai – The Madras High Court directed the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HR&CE) to issue a public notification stipulating that all encroachers of temple properties across the State must voluntarily surrender the lands within the stipulated time, failing which arrest them under Goondas law.

Justice S Subramaniam said in his order,

The State Government, HR&CE and Director General of Police should not hesitate to take action against such encroachers under Goondas law.

The Court also ordered the State authorities to constitute a special cell to retrieve the encroached temple properties. Officers dedicated to truth and duty must be included in this cell. The list of the members of this cell should be put up prominently in all temples and the HR&CE offices so that those who aspire to protect the temple lands can register complaints with the respective officer.

The Court said further that, it is a crime to misuse temple property; hence, the State Government should file cases against those involved in such misuse. Action should be taken against Government officials failing in their duty by taking such matters very seriously.