Illegal sale of Govt-owned temple land in Shankarpur, Madhya Pradesh

Editorial comments

  • Realise the negative impact of temple takeover. The land belonging to temples is being grabbed in this manner not only in Madhya Pradesh but also all over India. The takeover of temples must end to stop such malpractice.
  • Was the administration asleep when the Government-owned temple land was being sold ?
  • Despite BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh as well as at the Centre, why is the BJP Government not making anti-temple takeover laws to stop such deliberate acts.

Ujjain – Narayan Bairagi, Priest of Shri Charbhuja Narayan Mandir Shankarpur, run by the Government, passed away recently. It has come to light that his wife Vishnu Bai Bairagi and son Rahul Bairagi have illegally sold the Government-owned temple land to Devendra Singh Bundela of Indore. The Government should take back the possession of this land with its produce, demanded Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha and Madhya Pradesh Yuva Shiv Sena Goraksha Trust. (Why does such a demand has to be made? The Government is expected to take action on its own. – Editor)

It is alleged that Vishnu Bai Bairagi and Rahul Bairagi sold the land of Shri Charbhuja Narayan Mandir to Devendra Singh Bundela for Rs 5 lakh by making a fake lease deed. On 10th July, the remaining land of the temple was sold to Bundela for Rs 8 lakh. Although this is the land of the temple, the District Magistrate is its owner.

After the death of the priest, Narayan Bairagi his son Rahul Bairagi has not been registered as a Government priest. According to Government documents, the custodian of this land is the District Magistrate. Despite this, the temple land was sold by them; hence, the matter needs to be investigated.