The US declares Rs 4,714 crore aid to Afghanistan

Editorial comments

  • ‘Gandhigiri’ of America! It is like feeding milk to a snake !
  • Nobody can be sure whether the aid given in the name of humanity would reach the poor Afghan citizens or the Taliban terrorists would use it for themselves. Who is going to keep a watch on this ? Earlier, when the US had extended help to Pakistan, it was used by Pakistan on jihadi terrorists.


Washington (US) – America has declared financial aid of Rs. 4,714 crores for the people of Afghanistan. The American Ambassador Linda Thompson-Greenfield in the United Nations said that the aid would be extended on humanitarian grounds.

She also indicated that more aid might also be extended in the future, depending upon the situation in Afghanistan. Earlier, China has announced financial aid of Rs. 2,283 crores to Afghanistan which includes food items and corona vaccine. China’s Foreign Ministry has clarified that it would be the first step of such aid to Afghanistan.