Remote chances of the third wave of Covid-19

Claims former scientist of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Dr Raman Gangakhedkar

Nagpur – The first wave of Corona has ended while the second wave is expected to end soon, but the chances of a third wave hitting the country are low, claims former Indian Medical Research Council scientist Dr Raman Gangakhedkar. Even if the third wave hits, it will be much weaker than the second wave he said.

Dr Gangakhedkar said,

The decision to reopen the school should not be taken in a hurry.  As per the reports, young children have been exposed to the coronavirus for a long period. Hence, the decision to reopen schools should be taken based on the cases in the area.

Many scientists believe that corona may become a regular virus. With vaccines, people might remain asymptomatic or get mild symptoms after infections. Therefore, even after vaccination, wearing a mask and social distancing must be practised.

While vaccine doses do not prevent the spread of the virus, they do reduce its risk. As long as no new strain of corona comes or the effect of vaccination is reduced, there is no need to panic about the growing number of corona patients. The spread of the virus may be in areas where the effects of the first and second waves were less. The coronavirus can target those who have not been vaccinated.