India should never give in to terrorists’ demands : Dr Subramanian Swamy

New Delhi – Dr Subramanian Swamy, BJP leader and MP, has stated in his new book ‘Human rights and terrorism in India’ that terrorists aim at breaking the Hindu sanskruti and Hindu fearlessness. They want to loosen the basic fabric of India. Hence, India should never give in to terrorists’ demands. In this book, Dr Swamy has given information about how we need to maintain harmony between humane and basic rights with appropriate remedies to face terrorism. Dr Swamy has also mentioned in his book that India’s surrender in 1999, when Indian Airlines was hijacked to Kandahar with the demand of releasing 5 terrorists in exchange for the passengers, was bad.

Dr Swamy has written further that presently India is surrounded by Pakistan, Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, Islamic State and other terrorist organisations, so also Eastern terrorists supported by China. We need to find a solution to this at full capacity and effect. Earlier, India was not facing danger directly or indirectly by destructive powers and the peace-loving Indian public were not scared of the violence.