Radical Islamic PFI expresses hope in Taliban, calls Indian Government to start diplomatic relations with them

Editorial Comments

  • What a pathetic state of affairs ! PFI should have been banned long ago, whereas now it is advising the Indian Government on how to handle terror !

New Delhi – Praising the Taliban for taking over Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the US forces, the Popular Front of India (PFI) leader and National Executive Council Member Parappurathu Koya termed the Taliban’s onslaught as a ‘resistance’ against US occupation.

“This draws similarity with resistance against the US occupation in Vietnam and Bolivia as the US was forced to retreat”, Koya claimed.

Defending the Taliban’s recent atrocities on the Afghans, Koya cried conspiracy that Western media has portrayed the outfit in a wrong way and the picture is far from reality. “The Taliban should not be viewed with prejudice,” Koya wrote, advising the Indian Government to start diplomatic relations to keep Pakistan away from Afghanistan.

It is notable here that Pakistan has been funding and sheltering the Taliban for years. Pakistan has been openly celebrating the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

Koya claimed that the Afghan people were subjected to brutal persecution under American occupation.

Popular Front of India

PFI, a notorious radical Islamist organisation founded in 2006, has a history of supporting Islamists movements. It has a history of perpetrating violence to further the cause of radical Islam. Their members have come under the scanner on several cases of violence.

During the investigation into the Anti-Hindu Delhi Riots and violence across the country in the wake of the Citizenship Amendment Act, the role of PFI is suspected, and numerous members of the PFI have been arrested for their involvement in the riots.

PFI’s support for the Taliban is not surprising as many influential clerics and Islamic scholars have already expressed their support for the Taliban after it captured Afghanistan. Besides clerics, a large section of Indian Leftist media was even seen praising the Taliban for their propaganda of ‘changed’ principles with regards to women’s rights and ‘holding a press conference’.