Mughals were the original Nation builders, portraying them as murderers is wrong : Arrogance of Director Kabir Khan

Editorial Comments

  • It will not be surprising if someone demands that Kabir Khan should be imprisoned for life for praising the Mughals !
  • Does Kabir Khan want to say that the Taliban, descendents of Mughals, are building a ‘New’ Afghanistan ?

Mumbai – Expressing love and respect for Islamic invaders, film director Kabir Khan revealed through Bollywood Hungama, “I find it hugely problematic and disturbing because what really makes me upset is that it’s being done just to go with the popular narrative. If you want to demonize the Mughals, please base it on some research and make us understand why they were the villains that you think they were”.

It is not understood how Khan concluded that Mughals were the ‘original nation builders’, because India was a rich and vibrant civilisation long before the Mughals came to loot.

Continuing his long rant, Kabir Khan added, “If you do some research and read history, it’s very tough to understand why they have to be villainized. I think they were the original nation builders and to write them off and say they murdered people ? Please point out historical evidence. Please have an open debate, just don’t go with the narrative that you think will be popular”.

Justifying his bizarre take on ‘Hail Mughals’, Kabir alleged that it is fashionable to demonize the Mughals and that it has nothing to do with history.

Kabir Khan is the director of films like Bajrangi Bhaijan and New York. His father Rasheeduddin Khan was reportedly a favourite of Indira Gandhi and was one of the founding members of JNU.

Kabir Khan did not stop just at hailing Mughals. He further spoke about how ‘wrong politics’ can influence the masses as mainstream films have a great influence over people.

“Politics is the way we see anything in this world, the way we look at women is our politics, the way we look at minorities is politics, the way we look at people living on the fringes of society is politics, the way we look at the people in power is politics which has to come through”, said Kabir Khan when asked if he would make a film like his debut film Kabul Express in today’s times.

“I would never make compromises on my ideology, or rather not do that story, then make compromises on ideology”, asserted Kabir Khan.

“I can forgive bad writing, shoddy camera work, you know, sloppy editing, but I can never forgive bad politics because mainstream media films are a very powerful platform and they can really influence a lot of people. So, when I see wrong politics being highlighted (in films), it really makes me angry”, he added.