A rod inserted in the private part of a woman after raping her in Sakinaka (Mumbai) !

Rape victim dies during treatment

Editorial Comments

Cruelty in this incident is similar to that of the ‘Nirbhaya ‘rape case of Delhi. The absence of severe punishment to the perpetrators of atrocities against women and rapists provides leeway and the crime rate is on the rise. If the rapists are punished severely with prompt implementation then only criminals will desist.

Mumbai – A victim, who was raped on 10th of September in the Sakinaka area, died at a hospital in Rajawadi. She became unconscious due to severe blood flow caused by a rod injected into her genitals by a rapist after rape. After the Police took her to Rajawadi Hospital, treatment was started; but she died during the treatment. The Police have arrested one suspect and a search is going on for the other suspects. This incident has caused a lot of anger all over the country and it has brought the issue of women’s security to the fore.

According to the Police, in the early morning around 3.30 am on the 10th September, the Police Control Room received a phone call that a woman is lying unconsciously in a pool of blood on the Khairana road in Sakinaka. After reaching the spot, Police admitted the woman to Rajawadi Hospital of Ghatkopar. Police have got the CCTV footage related to this and they have arrested an accused named Mohan Chauhan. Further investigation is going on. Mumbai is shocked due to this brutal incident and that too at the start of the Ganesh Festival.