BBC blamed for killing Faheem Dashti, Spokesperson of National Resistance Front of Panjshir

Demand for action against the BBC

Editorial comment

  • After a serious investigation if it is proved that the BBC has deliberately aided the Taliban, then the BBC should be dealt with sternly.

Kabul (Afghanistan) – Fahim Dashti, Spokesperson of the National Resistance Front, and a top Commander of the Front General Sahib Abdul Wadood were killed on 5th September in an attack by Taliban on Afghanistan’s Panjshir province. Both were top leaders of the Front. It is a huge loss to the front. BBC is blamed on social media for their death.

BBC is suspected to reveal information about the whereabouts of Fahim to the Taliban. People believe that it was the BBC that made Faheem Dashti’s satellite number public. So it was easy for the Taliban to find out where Dashti was hiding and they attacked him. Demand has been made to the United Nations to take action against the BBC.