In how many cases the accused have been convicted ? : Supreme Court questions CBI

Orders to submit information on the successes and failures of the total number of trials within four weeks

Editorial Comments

  • Why did the Court require to ask this ? Why the CBI did not improve its efficiency on its own ?
  • It is also important to know that in how many cases the investigating agencies have arrested and tortured innocent people. The public also feels that the concerned officials should be punished for doing so.

New Delhi – We would like to know the information related to the cases under investigation of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). How many cases are being fought by the CBI, how many cases are pending in the lower Courts, and the cases that have been fought in the lower and high Courts, how many successes and failures ?  We want to see the average success rate of the CBI in the cases. The Supreme Court ordered the CBI to provide information about the cases. The Court has asked them to submit the information within four weeks. The Court passed the order while hearing the case in which the CBI had filed a petition challenging the verdict after 542 days.

Arguing on behalf of the CBI, Additional Solicitor General Sanjay Jain said that India’s system of litigation was such that the efficiency of an investigative mechanism could not be measured by its success.

The Court argued that since the same method is used for all investigation agencies the world over, hence, it cannot be said that it is not applicable for CBI. The success of any investigation agency can be judged only based on how many cases it has taken to conclusion.

The Court asked about the ways to make the CBI’s judicial fight mechanism more capable. “What is the obstacle ? We want to know. What efforts you have taken ? You have to improve your house.