Hindu name given to a Dosa centre run by a Muslim Youth opposed in Mathura

A complaint lodged with the Police

Editorial comment

  • The intention behind it is, if a Hindu name is given, then Hindus will come to have dosa. Therefore, it would not be inappropriate if someone calls it economy jihad.

Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) – A young man named Irfan was running a Dosa centre named ‘Srinath Dosa’. Hindus complained regarding it in the Police station. Some people went to the sales centre and questioned, why the centre was named ‘Srinath’ ? They also tore down the boards bearing the name of the sales centre, vandalised the outlet and asked him to close it.

A video about the incident is also circulating on social media. The workers at the sales centre said that the centre was owned by a person named Rahul and he was paid Rs. 400 per day for the centre. Irfan, who runs the sales centre said, he has been running it for the last five years, and no one had any problem with the name, so he never felt a name could be a problem. (Fake innocence of religious fanatic – Editor)