Actress Swara Bhaskar, who constantly criticises Hindu Dharma and Hindus, performs various religious rituals while shifting to a new house

Editorial comments

  • People, who criticise Hindu Dharma and address Hindus as terrorists, should realise that their sins would not be absolved by performing any number of ‘puja’ !
  • People criticising Hindu Dharma claim to be Hindus who criticise only wrong things in Dharma and they perform rituals only for showing off. Hindus should stay away from such hypocrites.


Mumbai – Bollywood heroine Swara Bhaskar who follows communist ideology and constantly criticises Hindu Dharma and Hindus recently performed various Hindu Dharma rituals, such as Shri Ganesh puja, Shri Satyanarayan puja, Rudrabhishek, Yagnyavahan (sacrificial fire), etc. before moving into her new house. She has shared her photos of participating in these rituals on social media while giving information of the priest performing 7 different types of ‘puja’  for 7 hours. Later, many of her followers reminded her of her anti-Hindu Dharma and anti-Hindu statements made from time to time and criticised her. Some of them have even congratulated her for coming on the right track.

After posting these photos, one viewer has commented as ‘A demon from ancient India performing ‘puja’ to please Mahadev and get a boon.’ Swara Bhaskar had supported the Talibani attack on Afghanistan while trying to brand Hindus as terrorists by stating in her ‘tweet’ that ‘we Hindus cannot praise terrorism. We should keep mum on Taliban’s terrorism and express our displeasure over Hindu terrorism’.