Online Webinar on ‘Indian Judicial System : Need for Reforms’

Applying laws as framed by the British to treat Indians as slaves, is harmful for our Nation ! : Advocate Ankur Sharma (President ‘Ikkajut Jammu’)

“The present Indian judicial system is a legacy of British colonialism. After the 1857 war for Independence, the British made many laws to persecute Indians and to keep them in slavery; but applying the same laws in India even after Independence is a kind of anti-national act”, said Advocate Ankur Sharma (President of ‘Ikkajut Jammu’) practising in the Jammu High Court. A nationwide agitation was staged on 8th August at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to burn 222 laws passed by the British. In this background, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) held a special Online discussion on ‘Indian judicial system: Need for Reforms’.

Advocate Ankur Sharma added that there is no Common Civil Code even today in our country; there is no death sentence or life imprisonment for a cow-slaughterer. Stringent laws on population control and terrorism are being strongly opposed. Many laws implemented now are not in the interest of our country but we are unable to amend them, which is in a way retaining control over India.

Mr Ishwarprasad Khandelwal (National President of ‘Lashkar-e-Hind’) said that a law is the soul of a country. If we are still applying laws which were passed by the British to keep Indians in slavery, for looting them and perpetrating injustice on them, we have still not become independent in the true sense. The Supreme Court is opened at night for terrorists, but not for Saints – this is strange. Even today, people in the judiciary are neither conversant with matters related to Dharma nor with Indian traditions. Therefore, many of their decisions are against Indian culture.

Advocate Nilesh Sangolkar (Convenor of ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad’) said that 222 laws passed by the British to persecute revolutionaries and Indians are in force even today. Besides, there are many laws like the ‘Places of Worship Act’ perpetrating religious injustice on Hindus. We will have to fight even such laws.