Bangladeshi fanatics trying to cross into Afghanistan via India to join the Taliban

Border Security Force alert

Editorial Comment

  • Another crisis facing India is due to the Taliban. It will not be a surprise if the Bangladeshi fanatics infiltrate India and carry out anti-India activities first in India before moving to Afghanistan. The Government of India must take drastic steps to prevent this.

New Delhi – After the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, some Bangladeshi fanatics are trying to go to Afghanistan via India. All of them are said to be going to join the Taliban. Since then, border security forces have been alerted on the India-Bangladesh border.

  1. Shafiq al-Islam, the Police Commissioner of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, said the youths wanted to reach Afghanistan by any means. However, their number is not known. Even twenty years ago, a large number of Bangladeshi youths went to join the Taliban.
  2. “Our troops are on high alert,” said SS Guleria, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Border Security Force, South Bengal. So far, not a single youth has been arrested for trying to enter India to join the Taliban. Officials in Bangladesh had earlier informed Indian officials that some jihadists in Bangladesh were “extremely excited” about the Taliban’s capture of Afghanistan.
  3. The Taliban has appealed to Bangladeshi youth to join their organisation. Bangladesh’s foreign ministry says it is closely monitoring developments in Afghanistan.