Out of 56 Islamic countries, only Pakistan and Qatar support the Taliban

Taliban hopes for support from Russia and China

Editorial comment

  • Organisations from Islamic countries do not support the Taliban but realise that Indian Muslim organisations and some unanimous leaders are trying to portray themselves as more fundamentalist Muslims by blindly supporting them.

New Delhi – The Taliban are trying to form a Government after taking control over Afghanistan. The Taliban is trying to make the world recognise the Taliban Government. Efforts are also being made by the Taliban to reach out to Islamic Nations. At present, none of the 56 Islamic Nations, except Pakistan and Qatar, have openly acknowledged the Taliban. Even the self-centred Russia and China are not acknowledging the Taliban openly; as they will be answerable to their citizens as well as the world. On the contrary, Afghanistan’s Islamic neighbours, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, have deployed more military at their borders against the Taliban.

The importance of the organisation of 56 Islamic countries is insignificant

The Organisation of Islamic Co-operation of 56 Islamic Countries (OIC) is big but it neither has much political importance nor its role in the Afghanistan issue matters; as the forces fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan are also Muslims. Only if the countries of West Asia participate in it, will the picture be clear.

Gulf countries refuse to support the Taliban

All Gulf countries except Qatar have refused to support the Taliban. In the last two months, various organisations from these 56 Countries have spoken in favour of the Afghan Government; but now they are silent. On the other hand, major Gulf Countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, are said to be with the United States.

Selfish support from Russia and China

Although Russia and China to some extent have expressed their support to the Taliban, they are not very explicit about it. If such support is given, the Taliban power will increase; however, it is said that the two countries will support Afghanistan for economic and strategic interests. At the same time, Russia and China do not want to upset the Taliban. Both Nations are constantly striving to eradicate extremists and jihadis in their respective Countries.