A religious fanatic living in Nagpur for the last ten years was a Taliban terrorist !

Incompetent Police services !

Religious fanatic’s photo published holding a machine gun after going to Afghanistan

Editorial comments

  • How did our intelligence agency not get any information on this Taliban terrorist for ten years ? Have the Intelligence officers become so careless ?
  • How many such fanatics must be staying in this country and hollowing out this country? Please note that establishing Hindu Rashtra is the only remedy to handle this situation which is affecting Indian security.
  • There is a possibility that the fanatic Talibani could have sent a lot of information which can be quite dangerous from the security viewpoint of India. The hopeless police machinery is responsible for this problem and the concerned police officers should be stringently punished for the same!

Nagpur – Noor Mohammad aka Abdul Haq (age 30 years), a Talibani terrorist was staying in the Dighori area for the last ten years, under different names. On 23rd June 2021, he was kicked out from there. Presently, he is in Afghanistan and his photo has been published with a machine gun in his hand; therefore, investigating agencies have become alert and are conducting an inquiry into the people who were in contact with him. (What is the use of inquiring into these people after Noor’s picture was published? – Editor)

1. Terrorist Noor Mohammad was arrested on 16th June 2021. After his medical check-up, it was found that he had bullet wounds on his body. Many videos were found on his cell phone. Then, the Indian Government contacted Afghanistan’s embassy and handed him over to Afghanistan.

2. Noor had come to India for 6 months on a tourist visa in 2010. He had applied to the United Nation’s Human Rights Conference for taking refuge but his application was rejected and since then he was staying here illegally under different names.

3. Noor is unmarried and used to sell bedsheets in Nagpur city. It is found that his brother is also a Talibani. Last year, Noor had published a video on social media carrying a sharp weapon in his hand. He was then caught by police and it was realised that he was an Afghani Taliban. It was also observed that he was following a few other terrorists on social media.