Tirthahalli (Karanataka) : Illegal beef smugglers arrested

Editorial comment

  • Despite a ban on the slaughter of cows in Karnataka, how are cows being killed and beef transported ? The slaughterers have no fear of law or the Police are not implementing the Act sincerely, which should be investigated by the BJP Government.

Tirthahalli (Karnataka) – The Police stopped the vehicle transporting 400kg beef at the forest gate of Agumbe Ghat and took two religious fanatics Irfan and Muhammad into custody. Both of them are residents of Mangaluru. The beef was hidden behind the vegetables filled sacks in the vehicle. Activists of the Vishva Hindu Parishad and Bajarang Dal had informed the Police about this. (The devout Hindu organisations get this information, but despite the all technical support the Police are unaware of it ! Does this imply that they deliberately turn a deaf ear towards such information for financial reasons ? The BJP Government in the State should investigate this matter. – Editor)