Punish the congressmen


The world must know the extent of damage caused to the history of Maharashtra by the Congress and anti-Brahmans !

A flood-like situation is prevailing in India as well as overseas. Floods in Maharashtra and Goa have taken the life of many citizens, and thousands have become homeless. These floods have become the centre of debate across the country. These floods are a mighty blow all right; but, there is one more subject that needs to be debated with equal zest – killings of Brahmans in Maharashtra after the murder of Gandhi. Famous author and historian Mr. Vikram Sampath was interviwed by TV reporter Navika Kumar on news channel ‘Times Now’.

The interview was mainly about the two Volumes of Veer Savarkar’s biography compiled by Mr. Sampath. During the interview, he spoke about the anti-Brahman riots that were orchestrated in Maharashtra after the murder of Gandhi. Mr. Sampath said that two to five thousand Brahmans were killed, and 20,000 houses and shops of Brahmans were set ablaze then. He also claimed that the figure of the dead might be close to 8,000.

Note that murders took place in the same Maharashtra that is considered to be progressive, and a State of Shahu, Phule and Ambedkar. Hence, it is important that a debate be organised on this issue. The world must know the extent of damage caused to the history of Maharashtra by the Congress and anti-Brahman associations. There will definitely be people who will claim that this amounts to raking up long-gone issues; however, any such attempt will be nothing short of hypocrisy.

Who created the discord or who disrupted law and order in those riots ? These issues definitely need to be debated. The world must know the names of people or organisations responsible for these riots. Killing 5,000 people or setting ablaze 20,000 shops is by no means a small number. This loss is far more than the present loss due to the floods.

Congressmen are accused of murdering 3,500 Sikhs in New Delhi during the 1984 riots. Patriots feel that debates should be held all over the country on the murder of Brahmans by the Congressmen. The Central Government must investigate the matter and place before the Nation the entire chronology of events. Gandhi was murdered by Pandit Nathuram Godse. He was a Chitpavan Brahman and a Maharashtrian, Brahmans in Maharashtra were deliberately targeted. Indira Gandhi was murdered by a Sikh; hence, Sikhs were targeted. That these incidents took place in a Secular India and a Democracy at that, is a huge blemish on India.

Why are the so-called ‘Progressives’ quiet ?

During these riots, Veer Savarkar’s brother Narayan Savarkar was murdered. There were many murders and burning of properties in these riots; but so far no one has been arrested. This simply shows how big a conspiracy it was. This act would put not only Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, but also Mao to shame; because, the world is aware of the genocides committed by all these dictators. However, the brutal murders of Brahmans in Maharashtra were intentionally obscured. In the past few years, 2-3 ‘Progressives’ have been murdered in Maharashtra. Why are the people who have been targeting Sanatan Sanstha for these murders, people who have been demanding a ban on Sanatan Sanstha, quiet now and have never uttered a word on the 5,000 murders including that of Narayan Savarkar ? A large populace and a large number of organisations in Maharashtra are anti-Brahman. During the Congress rule, they received Government recognition as well. It is they who have polluted Maharashtra extensively with anti-Brahman thought. If anyone tries to refute these charges, he will be humiliated and called Sanatani (Old-fashioned). These people cry hoarse that attempts are being made to bring back the rule of Peshawas in a progressive Maharashtra. Thus, the Brahman-haters have tried to malign the Peshwas who hoisted their flag beyond Attock (in Pakistan now) and the ones who established their rule in Delhi.

Newspapers must take the lead

Newspapers of that time could give very little coverage to reports of the orchesterated brutality because of the pressure from the Congress Government in power. However, overseas Press was on target. ‘Some organisations joined hands to spread riots that were started by the followers of Gandhi’ – they reported. Will the so-called ‘Progressives’ in Maharashtra care to comment on this ?

Not just them, but the present-day media should report this issue. Just as ‘Times Now’ organised a debate on this issue and thus, made a praiseworthy attempt to place this issue before the world, progressive Periodicals, fearless Newspapers should take this effort to the next level. They should expose the people who have tainted Maharashtra.

If they feel that the murder of Gandhi by Pandit Nathuram Godse is a blemish on Maharashtra, they must speak about the taint on Maharashtra brought about by the murder of 5,000 Brahmans. No killing can be justified.

The wise media of Maharashtra will definitely be aware of this. There should be a in-depth investigation of the points raised by Vikram Sampath and the truth should be placed before the people. The citizens of India deserve to know this history !