Tension in Jamshedpur over the installation of Jesus Christ’s picture in a Temple

Editor’s comments

  • Temple authorities removed the picture after heated arguments
  • Has anyone seen Hindu Deities pictures or Idols in Church Or Mosque ? Education on Dharma is not imparted to Hindus, due to which Hindus put images of other religions in the temple.
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Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) – Tension arose in the Radha-Krushna Temple at the Bistupur Gurudwara area of Jamshedpur over the installation of Jesus Christ’s image. The image was installed by a committee member of the Temple. (Take action against such committee members – Editor). After a heated debate, the image was removed.

Hindus got furious on seeing Jesus Christ’s image in the Temple, so the Police were informed. The next day, a meeting was organised to find out the culprit who had put up Jesus Christ’s image in the Temple. During the meeting, Gautam Prasad, leader of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha and former convener of Bajrang Dal, discussed the matter with the temple committee. Later, a committee member admitted putting up the image and he immediately removed it. It was claimed that the act was part of a conspiracy.