Haryana Government sets up a Special Cow Protection Task Force to stop cow slaughter and cow smuggling

Hindus commend the decision of establishing a Special Cow Protection Task Force for cow protection; however, the Government has to ensure that the Task Force works honestly.

Chandigarh – A ‘Special Cow Protection Task Force’ (SCPF) and State Level Special Cow Protection Task Force Committee has been established by the Haryana Government in every District to stop cow smuggling, cow slaughter and stray cattle. As per the notification, this Task Force comprises Government officers, Police, Gorakshaks and Gosevaks.  In this Committee, 6 members will be from the State and 11 from the Districts.

Congress has criticised the decision of involving Gorakshaks and Gosevaks in the Task Force. Congress spokesperson, Ranjita Mehta said that all are aware that Gorakshak and Gosevak collect ransom from cow smugglers. Therefore, only the Police and Government officers should be  members of the Task Force. Gorakshaks should not be on the Committee. Those Gorakshaks having good character may be included in the Committee.