Society will always remember the ‘invaluable contribution’ of Father Stan Swamy : Reckless words of Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren

One who considers an urban Naxal to be a martyr becomes Chief Minister ! Can rule of law be expected in such a regime ?

  • Urban Naxalite Stan, addressed as a martyr and compared with revolutionary Birsa Munda.
  • In a meeting organised for offering tribute to Father Stan Swamy, none of the accompanying Pastors removed their footwear, but Soren did, in the honour of Stan Swamy.
Editor’s Comments

  • People must be told of the contribution of Stan Swamy, who had links with urban Naxals and was alleged to be a party to the conspiracy to murder PM Modi. Is Stan Swamy valuable for Hemant Soren of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha ?
  • One who considers an urban Naxal to be a martyr becomes the Chief Minister of a State! Can the people expect the rule of  law in such a regime ? The Government should investigate such people and take stringent action.
  • Soren’s support to criminals and glorification of Christians should be called anti-national.
CM Hemant Soren of Jharkhand (left), Stan Swamy (right)

Ranchi (Jharkhand) –Hemant Soren, Chief Minister and leader of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha said, ‘Society will always remember the invaluable contribution of Father Stan Swamy’.

A meeting was organised on 15th July 2021 to pay tribute to Stan Swamy. The Archbishop of Ranchi, Theodore Mascarenhas, Associate Bishop Telosphar Bilung and many others were also present in the meeting. All important guests were wearing footwear, except CM Soren, who had removed his footwear in honour of Stan Swamy. (Soren shows no self-respect while appeasing Christians ! – Editor) Not only this, Soren called Stan Swamy a martyr and compared him with the revolutionary Birsa Munda from Jharkhand, who had fought against the British. (This is an insult to Birsa Munda. It is sheer intellectual bankruptcy to compare revolutionaries with Naxals engaged in destroying the Nation. – Editor)

Soren said that Stan Swamy fought for Dalits, deprived and Adivasis. His life will inspire generations to come. Jharkhand is ever ready to sacrifice. Society will remember Stan Swamy for ages for his invaluable contribution. Such individuals, whose capability is never erased, are born after ages.