SDM kicks a farmer in the stomach for obstructing work on the highway

Terminate such officers and imprison them.

Having such arrogant officers working in the Congress-ruled State is not surprising at all. The constant motto of Congress has been to torture the public. It would not be surprising if someone says, ‘this is the punishment for electing Congress’.

Jalore (Rajasthan) – Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Sanchore area, Bhupendra Yadav of Jalore District, kicked a farmer named Narsingh Ram Chaudhary in the stomach. A video of the incident is going viral on social media. It has created a wave of anger among the people.

In the Pratappura village of Jalore District, farmers demanding compensation had obstructed the construction of a highway built under the Bharat Mala Project. Bhupendra Yadav kicked a farmer in the stomach, leading to a scuffle between the farmers and the Police. The farmers calmed down after some Policemen intervened. Yadav alleged that he was attacked by the farmers. A complaint has been lodged against the farmers at Sanchore Police station for obstructing the Government work. (Filing a complaint against the agitating mob and setting free the officer who kicked the farmer is iniquitous. – Editor) The incident sparked a wave of anger among the people.