Kashmiri Pandits humiliated in presence of a journalist from enemy country

  • Digvijaya Singh’s sister-in-law Rubina, a Kashmiri Hindu, rebukes him.
  • Rubina expressed the pathetic plight of Kashmiri Hindus
  • A Controversial remark made by Congress leader Digvijaya Singh to a journalist from across the border about reconsidering Article 370.
  • Patriots feel that such sycophants of Pakistan should be sent to Pakistan
  • It’s shameful that no punishment is meted out by the Government to such anti-nationals who constantly glorify the rival nation. How can the people be patriotic, when the Government lacks Patriotism ?

Bhopal (MP) – Rubina Sharma Singh, the sister-in-law of Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, expressing her outrage over Singh’s statement about reconsidering Article 370 said, “Unfortunate words spoken about Kashmiri Pandits and so-called reservation. All this said to a journalist from across the border. A nation that has not allowed us to be at peace”. Rubina Sharma Singh is the wife of Digvijay Singh’s younger brother Laxmana Singh.

Digvijay Singh, in an interview by a Pakistani journalist recently, gave the controversial remark if Congress comes to power. After this remark, he was strongly criticised by various patriotic organisations across the country.

As per statements of Rubina Singh Sharma –

1. In a democracy, Digvijaya Singh has complete freedom to express his opinion, but his statement has offended her. Being a Kashmiri pandit herself, she has faced the brutality meted out to Kashmiri Hindus. They could go to Delhi, as they had a house in Delhi, but those who did not have a home anywhere else, suffered a lot. The Government was neither concerned about the displaced Hindus, nor compensated for any kind of loss. No one helped the Kashmiri Hindus to re-habilitate.

2. Kashmiri Hindus were insulted in front of the journalist of a country that is constantly at war with us. Many Congress leaders keep making such statements. The Government should take note of this. Given Digvijaya Singh’s statement, Congress should clarify whether their Party has any such plan ?

3. If Kashmir goes to Pakistan, the enemy will also try to take Punjab. The family of former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah made people coming from across the border settle in Kashmir only for votes. Kashmiri Hindus were used for the elections, they didn’t get anything.

4. Digvijaya Singh being her brother-in-law, she is not wanting to make it a family issue. She mentioned it only because it hurt the sentiments of Kashmiri Hindus.