Granddaughter rejects burial of grandmother, performs last rites as per Sanatan Dharma

Hindus should learn from such role model young girl who acted according to Hindu Principles

Gwalior (MP) – An elderly woman, Saroj devi, who died as victim of coronavirus infection was denied cremation by her son who had converted to Christianity. Hence, the granddaughter of this elderly woman came from Jharkhand travelling 1,100 km for the funeral rites as per Sanatan Dharma.

Dharma Pratap Singh, her son has converted to Christianity and changed his name to David. He said, ‘Saroj devi’s burial should be according to Christian religion’. The granddaughter, Shweta Suman opposed his idea. Shweta mentioned, ‘Grandmother had not converted to another religion, therefore, her funeral rites will be performed according to Sanatan Dharma’. Shweta requested the Police to investigate her Uncle David’s ulterior motives. She has also similarly requested the District Collector.