High Court lashes out at Rajasthan’s Congress Govt for not vaccinating Hindu and Sikh migrants from Pakistan

  • Would Rajasthan Govt have avoided vaccination it they were Muslim migrants instead of Hindu and Sikh migrants ?
  • Hindus feel that along with reprimanding, stringent punishment should be meted out by the High Court to such a Government
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Jaipur (Rajasthan) – Hindus and Sikh minority migrants from Pakistan, who came to India, are not being vaccinated by the Rajasthan Government. When this was noticed, the Jodhpur Bench of the Rajasthan High Court rebuked the Government. The Court has questioned the Government, ‘Why did it not comply with the Court’s order of 28th May of vaccinating all migrants  ?

HC further questioned Government, ‘Why were the Hindu migrants from Pak without any valid ID proof not considered for vaccination ? Why the Central Government’s order – despite not having valid ID proof all are entitled to vaccine – not complied with ? Why is the Government seeking more clarifications regarding it ?

Hindus excluded from the vaccination, but special vaccination drive for Muslims

On one hand, the Congress Government of Rajasthan is delaying administering Covid vaccine to Hindus and Sikh migrants from Pak and on the other providing vaccines through special camps for the refugee Muslims of the State. It is being said that the Government is organising vaccine camps to clear the confusion about the vaccine among Muslims.