Jharkhand : A 3 years old bridge built by spending Rs. 13 crore on Kanchi river collapses due to cyclone Yaas

There are several examples that the bridges constructed 100 years ago by the Britishers are still in good condition. But the bridges constructed by the Indian Government last only for very few years. This shows how far the corruption in India is rooted ! It can be said that Indians are looting India more than the British did !

Ranchi (Jharkhand) – A bridge on Kanchi river which was constructed just 3 years ago and built by spending Rs. 13 crore has collapsed in heavy rainfall due to Yaas cyclone. The bridge was 600 meters long and was connecting Tamar, Bundu and Sonahatu areas of Ranchi District. The bridge collapsed on 27th May in the afternoon. Rural Development Department Special Division had constructed this bridge.

  • The residents of the village Budhadih have claimed that there were many flaws in the construction of the bridge. No precautionary measures were taken to make it strong. The pillars of the bridge were built in the swamp itself and therefore the base of bridge remained weak. This bridge was not strong enough to sustain the heavy rainfall of cyclone.
  • According to the locals one of the reasons behind the collapse is the illegal sand mining around the riverbed. Sand smugglers extract the sand with the help of the JCB in the river. The Government has not taken any action to stop them as of now. (It would not be suprising if any one claims that the Police and administration are not active in Jharkhand ? – Editor)

  • The local MLA Vikas Gunda visited the place after the collapse of the bridge. One more bridge had also collapsed before this. The same contractor has built both the bridges. (If this is the case why the contractor has not been black listed and strict action not taken against him as of now ? – Editor) Therefore, the detailed investigation should be carried out in this matter and strict action should be taken against the responsible individuals. Two bridges had collapsed before this due to illegal mining. This is the 3rd bridge that has collapsed.
  • According to the locals, the bridge was constructed by the contractor Ranjan Singh in Ranchi. 2 years ago; another bridge on the Kanchi river constructed by the same contractor had also collapsed.