‘Housefull’ board outside crematorium in Bengaluru

No one had ever thought that such a situation would occur in India, but Saints and Seers had predicted that adverse time is going to come. It is now visible by such incidents.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – A large number of patients are dying in the city due to coronavirus infection. They have to wait in a long queue for many hours at the crematorium to perform last rites of their loved ones who died. Outside one of the crematorium of Chamrajpet, a ‘housefull’ board has been displayed due to lack of space available to perform last rites at the crematorium. The crematorium has capacity to perform the last rites of 20 dead bodies at a time. Therefore, the officials of the crematorium are not taking in more dead bodies for the last rites. There are 13 crematoriums in Bengaluru with electric cremation facilities. The drastic increase in the death rate has left no choice but to wait for a long time to perform the last rites.

Long queue in Surat for obtaining death certificate

In Surat, the families are facing difficulties in obtaining the death certificates of the deceased persons. Large queues are seen outside the Government offices for obtaining death certificate. The number of deaths in the city is very high.