Do not be frightened by the spread of coronavirus; increase your inner strength by taking autosuggestions !

Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal

Coronavirus is spreading far and wide in India as well as many countries. This has disrupted daily life everywhere and common people are frightened. In such a situation, there is a possibility of manifestation of personality defects such as a disturbed mind due to minor reasons, feeling anxious, becoming restless due to fear. Taking proper autosuggestions will help overcome these situations. Some autosuggestions are given ahead to increase the mind power and stay calm.

 1. Incident : Fear with a thought that ‘I will be infected with coronavirus’.

1A. Autosuggestion : Whenever I feel afraid with the thought that ‘I will be infected with coronavirus’, I will remind myself that I am taking all necessary precautions, and I will remain in Divine thoughts by utilising maximum time in chanting and praying.

2. Incident : Fear that ‘I will die if I am infected with coronavirus’.

2A. Autosuggestion : Whenever I get the thought that ‘I will die if I am infected with coronavirus’, I will remember that 80% of patients infected with coronavirus have mild illness. With this awareness, I will remain positive and take care of my health by following the guidelines given by family members, well-wishers and Government agencies.

3. Incident : Feeling worried that despite medication, my daughter’s cold/fever is not subsiding.

3A. Autosuggestion : When my daughter has a long running cold/fever, I will realise that not every cold/fever is due to coronavirus infection. I will have faith in God and give her medicines as advised by the doctors and will inform them about her status from time to time.

4. Incident : Feeling anxious that the family members cannot travel to meet me due to coronavirus.

4A. Autosuggestion : Whenever I feel anxious that my family members cannot travel to meet me due to coronavirus, I will become aware that during the pandemic, it is better to avoid travelling for everyone’s safety and this situation is temporary. I will take care of my health by following the guidelines given by the Government to prevent myself and my family from getting infected with the coronavirus.

5. Incident : Feeling worried whether essential commodities (milk, food, grains, medicines, etc.) will be available, since these are in shortage during the lockdown.

5A. Autosuggestion : Whenever I feel worried whether essential commodities (milk, food, grains, medicines, etc.) will be available to me, since these are in shortage during the lockdown, I will realise that the Government has made arrangements for distributing these items through home-delivery. Hence, I will remain calm and focus on chanting and praying.

6. Method of taking autosuggestions : For the inappropriate thought that is causing stress or worry, take the autosuggestion for 15 days or till the thought reduces. Do 5 autosuggestion sessions in a day. In each session, give the autosuggestion 5 times to the subconscious mind.

7. Do autosuggestion sessions after concentrating and in a short time and experience that the inappropriate thoughts have reduced : Many people have experienced that if the autosuggestion sessions are done with concentration, they have an effect on the subconscious mind and the thoughts of stress or anxiety reduced in a short period. Therefore, do the autosuggestion sessions with concentration. If concentration is not achieved due to useless thoughts, the autosuggestion session can be done by speaking aloud or reading out the autosuggestion written on paper. Then, the mind will not pay attention to the useless thoughts; they will automatically reduce and the autosuggestion session will be effective. While taking the autosuggestion useless, make sure that others are not disturbed.

Autosuggestions as narrated above can also be taken for any other thought that is causing stress, tension, anxiety, etc. (To eliminate the problems of the mind, giving appropriate autosuggestion to the subconscious mind is part of the personality defects removal process. Information on the complete process of personality defects removal is given in Sanatan’s Text series – ‘Personality Defects removal and Ego removal [7 Volumes].)

– Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.

Enhance your spiritual practice by having faith that in the current adverse times, God only is going to protect us !