Case of Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Shrikrishna : Idols in the Shrikrishna Temple buried under the steps of Red Fort at Agra

Archaeological Department should dig out the Idols : Janmabhoomi Mukti Andolan Samiti

Why does such a demand have to be made ? The Central Government should take cognizance on its own and make efforts to regain the glorious heritage of Hindus !

Mathura (U.P.) –  The ongoing Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi case in the Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh has taken a new turn. The Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Mukti Andolan Samiti has said that the ‘Srivigraha’ (Idol) of the huge temple of Thakur Keshabdev is buried on the steps of the small mosque of Lal Quila (Agra Fort) Dewan-e-Khas in Agra.

On 1st April, Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Mukti Andolan Samiti President and advocate Mahendra Pratap Singh filed the petition. Mahendra Pratap Singh, while keeping historical information in the court, said, ‘King Keshavdev built a huge temple in Mathura in 1616 during the reign of Emperor Jahangir, the king of Moch. In 1669, the then Mughal ruler Aurangzeb demolished the royal shrine there. Although the Bhagwan Keshav Dev Temple and the Bhagwat Bhavan were rebuilt at Katra Keshav Dev Undi in the 20th century through the efforts of Madan Mohan Malaviya, the Idols of the ancient temple are still buried in Agra’.

He said that Aurangzeb was pressing the ‘Srivigraha’ of the Bhagwan Keshavdev temple present in the temple under the stairs of the small mosque built at the Red Fort Dewan-e-Khas in Agra. Mahendra Pratap Singh told the court, ‘Even today, the feelings of millions of followers are hurting them. So the court should get the ‘Srivigrahas’ from the Archaeological Department or by adopting other scientific methods. Also, order their preservation in the Katra Keshav Dev.