HP Govt. appoints Muslims in a Shaktipeeth

Transfers the Muslim employees after an uproar from Hindu organisations

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) – In 2007, the then Himachal Pradesh Government had appointed two non-Hindus to the administration of Maa Jwalamukhi Temple, one of the Shaktipeeths. The development came to light when Girish Bharadwaj, a VHP leader, tweeted furthering the call for freeing Hindu temples.

In an order released by Office of the Commissioner (Temple)-cum DC Kangra, two employees named Jashan Deen and Shakeen Mohhamad from non-Hindu community were appointed as ‘langar sevadars’ in the Shaktipeeth temple. The order further specified that the salaries would be taken care of by the temple administration.

The appointment has given rise to strong opposition from non-Government members of the temple and several local Hindu organisations.

Mr. Girish Bhradwaj said, “The Temples are not tourist spots and should not be treated as one”. Commenting on the appointment of non-Hindus he said, “We cannot expect someone who is not emotionally connected or believes in a place of worship to work efficiently in the administration”.

Kangra Deputy Commissioner took to Twitter to clarify – ‘Both appointed in the temple in 2017 by the Previous Government. People objected to their presence around the temple even though they were posted in the temple Rest House. So I transferred them 50 kms. away to District Headquarters in order to maintain communal harmony & Law and Order’.