Highly irresponsible to accuse a party with insufficient evidence – China 

  • China responds to the accusations of cyber warfare behind Mumbai’s power outage
  • China’s clarification has no credibility since it will never admit its involvement in such attacks! Instead of seeking evidence, India must attack China in a same way!

New Delhi – ‘China has always stood by the cyber security and has always condemned cyber attacks. Speculation and fabrication have no role to play on the issue of cyber-attacks. It is highly irresponsible to accuse a particular party when there is no evidence. China is firmly opposed to such irresponsible and ill-intentioned practice’, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said while responding to allegations made by the New York Times about Chinese involvement in Mumbai’s power outage that took place on 12th October, 2020. These allegations were also validated by Maharashtra’s Energy Minister.

Us must stand by our strategic partner! – Frank Pallone, US Congressman

Washington DC (U.S.) – US Congressman Frank Pallone called on US President Joe Biden to “stand by our strategic partner (India) and condemn China’s cyber-attack on India’s power grid”. He was treferring to a Chinese state backed hacker group’s cyber attack that caused a massive blackout in Mumbai. Pallone further said that China can’t be allowed to dominate through aggression or bullying.

The US State Department. said, ‘We are aware of the reports regarding Chinese conspiracy against India. America is resolute to unite and work with all the nations in the world against the cyber attacks.’