Indian upbringing has a major contribution in my success!

Says Swati Mohan, who played a pivotal role in NASA’s Perseverance Mars Mission

Numerous Indian scientists, researchers attribute their success to Indian cultural upbringing. So-called secularists, intellectuals and the western puppets in India will never utter a word about this fact!

Courtesy – (The Better India)

Washington DC (U.S.) – Swati Mohan, a NASA scientist of Indian descent, said that her Indian upbringing has a major contribution in the crucial role she played in the successful landing of NASA’s ‘Perseverance’ rover on Mars. She said that Indian values and culture inherited in her family are the greatest teaching. Flight controller Swati Mohan was first one to confirm the rover’s successful landing. She is NASA’s Chief of Guidance, Navigation and Controls Operation. She was just a year old when her family emigrated to the United States from India.

Addressing the future generations after the success, she said, ‘Stay determined to achieve your goals. No single incident or victory can guarantee long term success or failure. Be it a success or failure, what you learnt from it matters. These experiences assist you iadvancing towards the goal