Dia Mirza said no to Kanyadaan and Bidaai at her wedding

Says, ‘change begins with choice …’                                

The Scriptures say that the last 12 generations and future 12 generations of an individual who performs Kanyadaan are emancipated. In the marriage rituals, the bridegromm is worshipped as form of Lakshmi-Narayan and if the ritual is performed with that bhav, it will benefit averyone. However, a fashion is in vogue to say goodbye to such rituals just to display fake progressiveness. Hindus should be vigilant from such people.

Mumbai – Actress Dia Mirza, who married businessman Vaibhav Rekhi on 15th February, revealed in an Instagram post this morning that the couple chose to forgo the traditional rituals of Kanyadaan and Bidaai because “change begins with choice.” Dia Mirza turned traditional rituals on their head at her wedding – her Vedic wedding ceremony was conducted by a woman priest, Sheela Atta. In her post, the 39-year-old actress said that it was “time for women to own their own agency” and to redefine what is old.